Archery Fitness Training – 4 Tips to Quickly Improve Your Conditioning

Archery Fitness Training – How to Improve Archery Skills and Aerobic Conditioning

Can archery fitness training really improve your archery skills, aerobic conditioning and help you become a top archer?

archery fitness training

Archery Fitness Training Can Quickly Increase Your Drawstring

Isn’t it amazing that in a sport that has been around for centuries that there is so little information on how to use Archery Fitness Training to increase your strength?

Being an avid golfer I found the difference between these two sports amazing.

If you were to Google the term "Golf Fitness Workouts" you would find hundreds if not thousands of results with quality articles about getting in shape for golfing.

Can you believe that?

There is more information on how to improve your golf swing than there is on improving your aim or draw weight!

Where Are The Archery Fitness Training Programs?

Unfortunately, this is a minority sport when compared to Golf or even Tennis. What really amazes me is that so few strength coaches have developed strength programs for Bow hunting or Archery.

Most Archers have realized that being in better physical condition can make dramatic improvements in our ability to aim and shoot.

Why Is It Important to Have an Archery Fitness Training Program


There are many benefits to engaging in a strength and aerobic conditioning exercise program.

Here are just a few of the benefits of archery fitness training:

  • Being physically fit helps you avoid injuries.
  • Strengthening the muscles of your back, arms, shoulders and core improves your aim.
  • Having stronger legs will provide more stability when pulling on the drawstring. Allowing you to use a heavier draw weight.
  • Allows you to go after bigger game if you’re into bow hunting.
  • Increases your metabolic rate.
  • It can possibly lower your blood pressure.
  • Helps you to release stress.

If you have not yet started an exercise program designed to improve the muscles used in shooting a bow… what are you waiting for!

There are some articles available mostly by traditional coaches that prescribe an exercise program. Usually it is simply a sport specific workout program. However, doing just sport specific exercises for archery is not enough. You must workout the entire body in order to get maximum results.

Typically, these coaches recommend programs that are designed more for bodybuilders than for Archers.

How to Increase Your Strength with Archery Fitness Training

To get the quickest results we must utilize strength and muscle building protocols such as:

  1. Interval
  2. Circuit Training
  3. Muscle Confusion
  4. Isometric exercise

These workout principles must become a part of your Archery Fitness training program if you are ever to improve in the sport.

Archery Fitness Training Equipment


Any discussion about bow fitness training would not be complete without discussing the type of exercise equipment that you need.

While some individuals will join the gym and spend thousands of dollars in health club membership dues – there are other less expensive and effective solutions. Some individuals choose to do bodyweight exercises however, the problem with bodyweight only exercises is that they do not use the principle of progressive resistance.

In order for muscles to grow they need to have additional resistance placed on them.

To accomplish this you can use a pair of dumbbells, barbells or a set of resistance bands. In addition, there are isometric exercisers that are perfect for developing the muscles and strength needed for the sport.

Typically, a set of resistance bands or an isometric exerciser will run you under $50.

Yet both of these pieces of exercise equipment will allow you to perform a large variety of exercises that will strengthen your shoulders, arms, back, and core muscles.

The additional benefit of this type of equipment is that you can use it in the comfort and convenience of your home. So no matter what physical condition you are currently in… you don’t have to feel embarrassed using this equipment.

Would you like to increase your strength in as little as 7 minutes… 3 to 4 times per week?

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So go ahead and give Bow Fitness Training a try, you’ll quickly find that it will increase your strength.

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  1. Archery guy says:

    I am looking for something that I can do each morning that might take like 10 minutes or so. To increase my archery strength and draw weight.

    I am not looking for any full all out workout.

    Just something that I can do each and every morning and maybe evening before bed that will help strengthen muscles for archery.

    I understand I will not be getting something that will allow me to pull back all kinds of extra weight or anything. Just want to maintain my current strength and maybe even in 10 months when the season opens my current 65 pounds will seem a little lighter. If it helps I am 43.

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